Christening Favors

Shop our beautiful selection of Christening Favors for your special ocassion.

Christening Favors - Candles

These elegant candles makes a perfect Christening Favors that will delight your guests.

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Christening Favors - Keychain

These Keychain are a practical and functional gift for your guests.

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Christening Favors - Boxes and Containers

Boxes and Containers and widely use on christening events. You can buy a rosary to put in these containers to make the perfect gift. We also carry boxes for Almonds wich is a must gift for your christening

To view more Christening Favors Boxes and Containers go to a our catalog section.

Christening Favors - Religious Icon

We also carry Italian icons of the holy family, virgin Mary, angels for Christening Favors

Coming soon we will be adding crystal icons. For more Christening Favors Religious Icon check our complete selection.

Christening Favors - Bookmarks

Another cute idea are bookmarks as chistening favors.Cute Little Favors carry a great selection of bookmarks that can be used as party gift for your chistening as showned Christening Favors Bookmark

For more Christening Favors bookmarks check our catalog for the latest products.

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