Wedding Traditions

Love In All Sense of The Word: Wedding Traditions of the World

All around the world, a wedding means the same thing -two people in love showing those around them their conviction for one another. The love that they feel is bounding around everyone and wrapping them all as one. No matter where you are in the world a wedding symbolizes love, commitment and a desire to build a life with that other person. Although, the meaning of a wedding has the same feeling no matter where you are, the same cannot be said for wedding traditions and how the ceremony takes place. From start to finish, countries all over the world begin their own wedding traditions a little differently.

Traditional Exchanges

In most wedding ceremonies the ring symbolizes a love that is never ending. Just as the circle is. Continually flowing and never ending. While not all brides and grooms show their devotion in this way, it is certainly the most chosen token of love. Another wedding tradition in weddings near and far are the exchanging of vows. These words that flow from the mouths of brides and grooms all over verbalize their affection for one another not just so others can see but hear. Giving the guests a front row seat to the words in their hearts.

Not all wedding traditions are the same all over the world. Yet, each show and speak of love and hope. Hope for a commitment that can last through the tests of time and life. Throughout the world, each country has a wedding tradition that is unique to them. Wherever you are, you may find something that you find interesting and may want to include on your special day.


According to folklore, that magical day to get married is on a Sunday. While the worst day that brings bad luck and misfortune are the days of Tuesday and Friday; while Saturday is saved for those marrying for the second or third time. In Italy instead of a traditional drive to the chapel, the bride and groom walk on foot to the wedding church. This offers a symbolic feel of walking through obstacles, without fear. 

To end the ceremony, a glass vase is then broken by the bride and groom stepping on it smashing it to pieces. The more pieces it shatters into, the longer the marriage full of love and happiness. Also talk about a great gift, instead of registries and towels, guests offer gifts in the form of money that is tucked away in a white statin bag for the newlyweds.


It’s all in the stars. For Chinese couples, taking the birthdates and a visit to the local fortune teller may result and date that is a match made in wedded bliss. Also, forget the white dress and veil. For Chinese women, a wedding tradition includes a fire engine red dress embroidered with a phoenix and dragon on it. Also, if money is no object, you will not only wear that fire engine red dress, but as many as the wedding budget will allow.

Wedding tradition for Chinese families also include 10 or 12 course feasts on the big day. Leave room for a big meal. This allows the family to show their wealth through lavish ceremonies with wardrobe changes and big meals. Also, forget the night alone. Guests are encouraged to follow bride and groom to honeymoon suit to taunt and laugh until the bride and groom can no longer take it. This wedding tradition is not as common as some, but make for an interesting story.

In Conclusion

No matter where you are in the world, wedding traditions are going to be a little different from one another, but one thing will ring true. That each shows a true love for one another through moments that bring everyone together. It is a true sense of love and partnership, a feeling of hope and prosperity.

Cute Little Favors Team!