Wedding Traditions: Family Affairs

Every family has special wedding traditions that they tie into their own special day and are passed on for generations. Even some churches have special moments that are done and every bride and groom before them has done. It is a sweet way to remember those wedding traditions when you too incorporate them into your own special day. For some it can be simple, such as wearing the same garter as a mother before you. Maybe it is a special broach or gem for your hair from your grandmother. Whatever that special wedding tradition is, it is something that may truly make your day feel more complete.

All weddings have special traditions that have been passed down or others have used before them to symbolize as a token of their love to display for others. For some it may be a simple, sweet gesture that is silently shared, but felt in their hearts. Bring a closeness right before the big moment. With these special traditions it can bring a special day that much more memorable and intimate.

Family Traditions

Wedding traditions can be as simple as a special line inserted in your vows that has been said in weddings generations before. This can be a sweet thing to do especially if parents or grandparents before have said the same line. It may not be something that all of your guests may know about, but having that within your family is a very special tie that truly binds.

While some families may use a special line or verse, it may also be used in the form of a dress or ring. Something that was worn by women before them to symbolize their love that left you as a product of. That is a sweet recognition of love while also taking it and making it your own when starting your own life as two.

Wedding Wonders

Some families may not have the dress or ring to pass down but they do still have the love. Some wedding traditions also include a special time the night before with your parents or family. This is a time spent together laughing and reminiscing before your off to start a whole new chapter of life. A moment to not remember the fun times of the past and the promise of the future. Some wedding traditions also include special letters written to each other from the bride and groom, to be opened before the ceremony and prior to seeing each other. This is a special time to show your love and affection for another with sweet words of love.

Some wedding traditions may not include family memories or love notes, but occur during the ceremony. Traditionally a unity candle is the moment when the ceremony ties the bride and groom as one unit. This is still a great way to convey your love through a special and intimate moment. Another popular alternative to the unity candle is the combining of sand. Some use sands with different colors to show the evolution of two colors becoming one, while others use the same. Joining the sand from two jars to one provides a moment to show their love coming together but a piece to put in their home as a decorative piece after the big day.

Some wedding traditions are more personal than others, yet still bring that special day a touch of love and commitment. Each offer something special to an already joyous occasion and bring everyone together to celebrate and already wonderful day.

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